What could we be finding in our stockings this December?

The IdeaPad?

A new technology unveiled by Apple wait no! Not Apple! Lenovo the Chinese computer giant. That serves as a lap top screen for work then converts to a touch-screen tablet for play. This means all your normal programmes along with the Internet for work and endless downloads of music, games and films for play. WANT TO FIND OUT MORE?

An Ipad 2?

Want to watch films on a 7 inch retina display screen with an upgraded pixal management which now does multitasking? WANT TO FIND OUT MORE?

What can the iPad do? What can’t the iPad do. The device boasts an impressive list of features that users will love and non-users will envy:

Surf the Web
The iPad comes equipped with Safari which is an internet browser. You can even view pages in portrait or landscape depending upon how you hold the iPad while your fingers do all the surfing.

Check Email
Anyone who is familiar with the Mail app on the iPad knows how versatile and easy it is to check your email.

View Photos
Because the LED screen delivers rich vivid color, viewing photos on the iPad is an incredible experience. You can open photo albums with just a tap and flip through pictures with even more ease than on an iPhone. Slideshows and photo-sharing is available also.

Watch HD Video
You can watch crystal-clear HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos, and more on the large 9.7 inch screen.

The YouTube App
There is actually a YouTube app that was designed specifically for the iPad. With YouTube’s popularity Steve Jobs is pure genius for this because videos are even easier to find than they are on the YouTube site and better to watch..especially when you watch in HD.

The iTunes store is just a touch away with millions of songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts and more. You can also listen and organize your music the same you would on a iPod…only much more efficiently so it’s much more fun. You could host a party from an iPad alone.

iPad App Store
Shortly after launch the App Store already had over 150,000 apps and the iPad is capable of running nearly all of them. See the Apps section below for more details.

Read iBooks
iBooks are very crisp, clear and bright on the iPad. You buy these from the iBookstore in which you only need to download the free iBooks app to access.

Maps is an absolutely incredible application. It actually doesn’t run off GPS but uses Wi-Fi to determine your location. It features street view, satellite view, and new terrain view using Google services.


1. List five media sectors and one leading profit making company for each sector.

Radio 1 (BBC Radio)

Television (BBC)

Print Media (The Times ((Rupert Murdoch)) )

Online News (Channel 4 news)

2. Name two independent music labels.

Chrysalis Music




Fueled by Ramen



3. Why is some music downloading illegal and some legal?

The legal websites mean money is going to the artist when someone downloads their music, while the illegal ones mean that the artist is getting no credit for the download.


4. Who owns the British Board of Film Classification?

President- Quentin Thomas


Director- David Cooke

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